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How to use your tablet/smartphone as screen

2016/09/27   -Beginner, VNC
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Raspberry Pi is small and portable in itself. Also you can easily carry a charger for it. However, you are unlikely to carry a screen with you. It’ll be super convenient if you can use your smartphone/tablet as screen for Raspberry Pi. Today is about how to make your tablet/smartphone screen for Raspberry Pi. Please note that this method is possible only when both of your mobile devices and Raspberry Pi are connected to a same network. Table of contents Check Raspberry Pi IP address Set up SSH Install & set up VNC server on Raspberry Pi Install & set up …


Blink LED on Raspberry Pi 3

Blink LED is a very first step for beginners. You can learn how to connect each electric component and control it with minimum numbers of components and a small chunk of code. Table of contents GPIO pin layout Hardware setup Code Result Reference The necessary parts and tools are here. The selection of resistor depends on LED’s Vf (forward voltage). You can usually find the value on its specification/catalog. Name Qty Resistor 1 330 Ω Red LED 1 Vf = 2.0 V Breadboard 1 Breadboard jumper wire (male-female) 2 Nippers 1 1. GPIO pin layout GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output)  is an …


Install Raspbian on Raspberry Pi 3

2016/09/17   -Beginner, Raspbian
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The very first thing you have to do is to install OS on your Raspberry Pi. Today I install Raspbian on which various programs for learning are available. Table of contents Format SD card Download NOOBS Hardware setup Raspbian installation & setting Connect to Internet OS update What you need Micro SD card (larger than 8GB) *class 10 is recommended PC connected to Internet Mouse Keyboard Micro USB power supply PC monitor (HDMI or DVI-D) Monitor cable (monitor <=> Raspberry Pi 3) 1. Format SD card If your SD card is new, you can skip this step. Mine was used …


Raspberry Pi 3

2016/09/16   -others

Raspberry Pi 3 It’s the era of IoT. More things around us will be connected to Internet. This will change our daily life, even the world.   Raspberry Pi, a small piece of computer, was created for the purpose of education thorough which students can learn how digital devices are controlled by S/W (programming). Raspberry Pi 3 has a built-in WiFi/Bluetooth. All of these features will give us great possibilities to be creative. You can connect whatever you want with Raspberry Pi and control it with your smartphone. You can create your own device to make your life fun, convenient …